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How many types of coffee grinder in the world?

I will introduce the major categories from different perspectives. And I will also introduce the major features of them. So let's check them one by one.

Categories by the driving source

  • Manual coffee grinder: The grinder doesn't have a motor inside. So you have to rotate by a lever or wheel.

  • Electrical coffee grinder: It is a motor that has a motor inside and uses electricity to drive the cutter.

Remark: Normally if you want to save time and strength or want to make a big production, it's better to choose the electrical grinder.

Categories by grinding cutter

  • Blade coffee grinder: It is the grinder that uses the sharp blade to cut the beans

  • Burr coffee grinder: This kind grinder has grinding discs with special sharp or rough edges on one side which are used to crush and cut the beans.

Remark: The burr grinder has better performance over the blade grinder

Categories by the control method

We talk about the electrical coffee grinder in this part.

  • Automatic: The grinder has an electronic panel that can set the data of outlet amount, grinding fineness.

  • Manual: The grinder use knob, button, index disc, etc to control the coffee grinder.

Remark: This depends on personal preference.

Categories by grinder structure

  • Vertical: This kind of grinder has a vertical structure body. So the burr is vertical to the earth. We normally know these grinders from Asian countries.

  • Straight: This kind of grinder has a straight structure body. So the burr is parallel to the earth. They are more popular in European countries.

Remark: I don't know if this affects the performance. I didn't find any difference.


Categories by fineness adjustment

  • Stepped: The fineness of powder can be adjusted by only a limited index. For example, if the fineness disc shows 1 to 10 degrees, you can't adjust to 1.5 or 10.5.

  • Stepless: The fineness of powder can be adjusted without any limit. You can adjust to any fineness if you need it.

Remark: this depends on personal preference. The professional barista prefers the stepless grinder.

Categories by cutter material

  • Metal: The most famous and popular material of cutter is stainless steel. Some better appliances have more excellent alloyed metals for the cutter.

  • Ceramic: This is for cheap grinders. It is easy to make and the material is cheap. And the burr is rough which is only suitable for the guys who don't care much about powder quality.

Remark: The metal burr is much better than the ceramic burr. But the metal burr will wear out during daily usage.

Categories by outlet

  • Doser: You will notice that there's a big container connected to the outlet of the grinder. And the container has a lever to control the certain outlet amount of powder.

  • Non-dosing: The grinder doesn't have any attachment connected to the outlet. You need to find a portafilter or any container to collect the powder when the grinder is working.

Remark: Doser can contain enough powder for storage without waiting for grinding every time customers need coffee. But it will increase the time powder contact with air which may affect the flavoring. So it's up to the buyer to make a decision whether he or she needs a doser.

So above is what we concluded. if you have any ideas or suggestions. Please contact us or leave a message

Thanks for reading.

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