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2. The function of coffee grinder (Coffee grinder knowledge summary)

Aktualisiert: 28. Nov 2019

Coffee brew

Since the coffee grinder is so important and cost-effective.

Then deep understanding of the coffee grinder is a must for professional baristas.

The first thing to understand is what role the coffee grinder plays in whole coffee making process.

As we all know, the coffee we drink is brewed from coffee beans, and it is called extraction in a more professional way.

20% of the roasted coffee beans are water soluble.

But only about 18% of the solubles are good taste extracts.

To make it simple,

If the extraction does not stop in time,

After extracting the last 2% of the solubles coffee, it will be bitter and bitter.

If you stop too early, the good taste solubles can't be completely extracted.

The taste will be very mild.

coffee grinding and coffee powder

However, controlling the extraction process of coffee is a very complicated process, which is affected by various factors such as coffee making equipment, water temperature, water pressure, grinding degree and atmospheric pressure.

The quality of the coffee bean grinder directly affects the taste of coffee on coffee grinding process.

To make it simple, what the coffee grinder does is to increase the contact surface area of ​​the coffee powder and hot water to speed up the extraction process.

When without coffee grinder, brewing the coffee is like throwing coffee into the pot for half an hour boiling. However, once the process of grinding coffee beans is added, it takes only about 5 minutes to cook a cup of coffee.

Theoretically, the finer the coffee is, the faster the extraction will be. In fact, if the too much fine coffee powder is mixed into the water, the insoluble matter in the coffee is not easily filtered out, and the taste of coffee is like all slag in the mouth.

Even if using an espresso coffee making machine, the too much fine coffee grinding will cause the high-pressure water not penetrate the powder and can't flow back.

differnt fineness of coffee powder

Therefore, the most fine grinding degree is like the salt size, and it is only applied to the espresso coffee making machine. On this condition high pressure water can penetrate the powder and start extracting coffee process.

coffee slag after brew

Turkish coffee is much finer than above, and they don't filter before enjoy coffee.

The Gypsies also use the coffee slags left after coffee drinking to undertake fortune telling.


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