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Please give up your manual coffee grinder with a low price

Aktualisiert: 28. Nov 2019

Knowledge preparation in advance:

In normal condition, the more even is the coffee powder after grinding, the better is the flavor of the coffee. The friction of the grinder is overheated, which will accelerate the volatilization of the bean flavor. It is important to clean the cleaning grinder regularly.

The manual coffee grinders we discussed are all under $100. Above this price, you can buy comparatively good grinder if you didn't decided wrongly. For us, when it comes to buying coffee grinders, I used to recommend them porlex. From the perspective of coffee taste, this is too much better than the blade coffee grinder. At least it does well about heat releasing when grinding beans. But later found that the new product release speed of porlex slowed with the inexplicable price increase of porlex. The price is almost similar with a household electric coffee grinder, So I completely give up the porlex.

Compared with electric coffee grinding, the advantage of hand coffee grinding is that the price is lower. From point of coffee flavor, if there is no price Advantages, I think there is no advantage in hand grinding below $100. On the uniformity of grinding, the disadvantage of hand coffee grinding is uneven grinding. This unevenness comes from two aspects:

First, the effect from the amount of beans into the hand-grinding burr at the same time. This is a very serious factor, and this factor is artificially uncontrollable.

Second, the speed is different, the hand grinding is powered by human strength. People can't keep the speed consistent, sometimes fast, sometimes slow. When facing the high hardness of the beans, we need rest. Although the setting is good, but from test if the grinding is fast, powder will be relatively fine. If the grinding is slow, the powder will be relatively coarse. As a result, the uniformity improvement of hand grinding is to be a relatively more difficult problem. From the consideration of grinding uniformity, to get a more amazing flavor experience, please give up your hand manual coffee grinder with a low price. I will give you a suggetion below:

Instant coffee《 Blade coffee girnder《 manual coffee grinder《 electrical burr coffee grinder

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