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How to make Orange powder by a blender

Aktualisiert: 13. Juli 2020

The orange juice is my favorite in the summer. I love the orange juice more than the orange. I can buy juice or orange juice powder anywhere. But the food additives are not healthy and I worry about that all the time.

If you have a blender and some oranges, you can make your own orange powder which is healthy and delicious with the tangy smell. So I will show you my experience.

What do we need to prepare?

  • Blender/spice grinder: It is used to process the dried orange into powder.

  • Orange: The raw material

  • Dehydrator/wok/sunshine: It is used to dry the raw material. I prefer sunshine, but I worry it will go moldy. So I normally use a dehydrator. It's not expensive but useful.

  • Pot: We need the container to store the powder to protect it from moisture.

  • Sieve(if necessary): If you need very even and uniform powder. A sieve is a good choice.

Procedures to make the orange powder

  1. Clean the orange: No matter the orange is from the shop or our own orange trees, we need to clean them. Because we will grind all into powder including anything on the rind. So we don't want any dirt inside the powder.

  2. Cut the orange: Cut the two ends and throw away. And then cut them into slices because this shape is good for dehydration. We want the rind and flesh both. It's Ok to have only peel or flesh. They just are different in flavor.

  3. Dehydrate the orange: Put all the orange slice into the dehydrator and wait. Or if you have sunshine weather, you can dehydrate by sunshine. Or you can cook the slices with small fire by the wok, but this is what I don't suggest. Because it will remove too much orange aroma.

  4. Grind the dried orange: After dehydration, put all the dried orange slice into the blender. Blend for a while, then you will get the powder you want. If you just need a small amount of powder, you can use a spice grinder instead.

  5. Filter the powder(if necessary): All the grinding appliances use the blade to cut the material can't make even and uniform powder. So if you really need the even and uniform particles, you can filter the powder by a sieve.

  6. Store the powder: Keep the pot sealed and ensure no moisture will leak inside. It can be stored for a very long time.

Mistakes I made:

1. The first time I sliced them, I didn't control the thickness of the slice well. So it is hard to dehydrate them by the dehydrator because it always rains in my city. So I cut the big slices into smaller shapes to speed the dehydrating process.

2. And the taste of peel is bit bitter. It's not good for everyone. So if you mind the bitter taste, you can remove it.

When we want a drink, we can just add some sugar and cold or warm water. Just stir for a while, you will get a cup of tasty yellow-orange juice. You can also use these powders as seasonings for cooking too.

So above is the method of how I make the orange powder. Hope this works for you too.


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