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How to clean the coffee grinder

Aktualisiert: 28. Nov 2019

When the coffee powder you grinded have a bad smell. It means your coffee grinder needs to be cleaned up. There are two types of cleaning, according to whether the grinder is detachable/non-detachable.


Removedthe grinding burr, clean with a brush and cotton cloth to erase clearly visible coffee dross, residual coffee powder deposits, etc. Following is to clean by alcohol disinfection of invisible fine particles. Invisible, does not mean no remaining. (Remarks: If you can remove it, you must be able to put it together. If you can't put it together again, it be troublesome. For remonuting details, please consult your memory functions. Or to find someone who can put it together, or make dismantling the video.)


This kind of coffee grinder that can't be cleaned very clearly, but it is much better than not being cleaned. At this situation, we can choose the clean tablets foro help. If there is no pill, the rice in the house is good choice too. It is very effective to clean the grease and the bad coffee powder by grinding the rice. It is also good to put wheat, sorghum etc.

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