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The best coffee grinder under $300

Aktualisiert: 2. Jan 2020

Here I will show you the coffee grinder that has excellent performance and also has an advantage of price. The cost will be under $300. So if you want a coffee grinder that your budget is near $300, I advise you to come and check it out. Because with several minutes you may find an ideal appliance. It is worth a try.

We know that the coffee grinder act as a very important part in the daily coffee journey.

Without a good and suitable coffee grinder, you won't get a cup of good satisfactory coffee. It's the step that you can control and decide the quality of coffee powder which has a vital effect on the extracting process.

You can check our former blog for reference: coffee-grinder-matters-the-most-for-a-cup-of-perfect-coffee

So it is obvious that we care a lot about the coffee grinders.

But each person has a different situation and budget. So it's necessary to know about the difference between grinders. And it's better to consider the order based on self needs and the feature of the grinders.

By the way, if someone is too wealthy to consider such small stuff, then it's OK to choose the best and skip this article.

So let's check what choice we have:

1. The manual grinder is recommended for those who need only 1 cup or 2 cups of coffee for one day.

Some people don't live with a big family. They may just share the coffee with a roommate or for themselves. And they have enough time for daily grinding. For someone who even enjoys grinding process.

But actually, I didn't find any manual grinder can reach this high price. Just only one is a bit close to $300. It is the "ROK Coffee Grinder" worth about $200. It is really a great tool that will provide you an excellent experience.

2. Blade bean grinder is not recommended here.

Because they are not really a grinder. They are more similar to a blender and they share a similar principle and structure. They powder the blade grinder makes is not so good and the cost for one blade grinder won't exceed $100 normally. So it's better we skip this due to budget $300

3. The electrical burr grinder is highly recommended because the performance is so good and the cost rang is big enough that we can choose many models from them.

The flat burr and conical burr grinders are all good although there's debate on which burr grinder is better for many years since they exist. We can use both of them for coffee.

For us, we are a direct supplier of the coffee grinders and most of the grinders are flat burr grinders. So l will recommend some of our items to you. The reason we supply such a low price is that we supply by the Internet, not by the local agents. So we save so much cost and provide economical products.

The electrical flat burr grinder won't be crazy expensive anymore

1. First I will recommend our coffee grinder 800A below for only $285:

With 80mm metal ghost burr (masticating burr), The 800A can have a big production in the same time.

The fineness can be adjusted easily by the knob in the front. Button controls the outlet.

The hopper has the protector avoiding beans jumping out.

You can contact us to customize the burr if you want a flat burr or round flat burr if you need it.

This model 800A is a great partner in the coffee shop or at home both. It can make consistent coffee powder with ease.

2. Secondly, I will recommend the coffee grinder 018/019 both suitable for commercial use or residential use and it's only $250 which you can't get even on Amazon.

With 60mm metal flat burr, it can easily make the consistent powder that enough for home and small cafes.

It is a smaller size for 900N which is totally commercial and very popular. But 900N is much more expensive although it's really good and fantastic.

So we developed this for small cafe business and home use.

If you are looking for an economical grinder for your coffee shop or cafe, I swear this will be your best choice.

So after the above recommendations, I think you can make a choice or you will have a better understanding of this price range under $300. We will be happy if you learn a bit about the coffee grinders and about what we can offer.

Thank you for reading.

Contact us if anything.

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