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Internet is a great tool that helps us to manage lot of almost impossible tasks. Today many many use this tool to try to begin their small business or enlarge their old business. It is much easier to find the suitable target product for their local business.

As we are one of the best coffee appliance supplier loacated in China. We also use internet to connect us with our partners. We display the main product on our website and show them to the world to get the noticed by the suitable distributor. So I think we are lucky too.

Our main product is coffee related appliance like commercial coffee grinder, coffee maker, coffee baking machine etc, and also with have juice appliance like juicer and blender. We are designed to bring our best products with best quality to the world. Also custimization of the product is acceptable like upgrade or lower some part to make the goods more suitable for local market. It is clear any dealer wants the most suitable not just the best quality because their market wants them. We also ensure that the comparatively high quality if lower the cost.

We are located besides Shanghai city, China which is the economic center of China. That help us get more resource to better our product and service. Easier to get information and closer to the shipping port. That make us much more competitive in many field which benefit from our location.

We welcome distributor, wholesaler, importer. We will fight with you in your market once we create cooperation.

This is a simple explination of our business. If want to know more about us, Contact below:


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Adresse: Gangzha Bezirk, Stadt Nantong, Provinz Jiangsu, China.

Telefon: 0086-17326902001

E-Mail: info@coffeeappliance.com


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Coffeeappliance hat seinen Sitz in der Nähe von Shanghai und ist ein professioneller Anbieter von Kaffeemaschinen und Saftmaschinen. Unser Hauptprodukt sind Kaffeemühlen, Kaffeemaschinen, Entsafter und Mixer. Dank der bset-Qualität, des angemessenen Preises, der Förderung der Lieferung und des ausgezeichneten Services haben wir ein umfassendes Netzwerk von Vertretern und Vertretern auf der ganzen Welt aufgebaut.