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6. Electrical coffee grinder (Coffee grinder knowledge summary)

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Electric grinder

I will introduce a special grinder before introducing the common electric coffee grinder.

We commonly call it the electrical chopping coffee grinder or electrical blade coffee grinder. The size is similar to a cup, the structure inside is like this:

This is really not suitable for grinding the coffee beans. It's normally for seasoning making. We choose this blade coffee grinder if we have no other option.

Ultra-high fine powder rate, completely uneven grinding fineness, I would rather choose the antique coffee grinder above.

Commercial coffee grinder

This coffee grinder is the most convenient electric coffee grinder for new user. This is flat burr grinder, many of the older generation of baristas started here, and they sells well even now. Many people chose this coffee grinder in the early stages. After long time usage, they modified this electrical coffee grinder to improve performance.

Everyone went to know the structure design of this powder grinder, and there were a lot of knockoffs flooding the market. But the wonderful thing is that many cottage goods performance is better than the Original grinder. In addition, many latecomers have made various modifications, and you will find it with various grinding burr on the market.

Of course, these models are relatively old models. If you like fashion and modernity, you can consider this brand:

· BARATZA Encore 和 BARATZA Virtuoso


BARATZA Virtuoso

It's conical burr above

As a storefront or cafe entry is enough, just for making a hand-washed coffee is no problem.

Both of these are conical burr, but the quality of the burr is not the same, so the taste is slightly different. If your beans are more suitable for Encore, congratulations on saving money.

It is recommended to try it when you buy it, to see which one is more suitable for your beans. Choose the grinder according to the coffee beans.

· BARATZA Vario home

BARATZA also has one called Vario home with a Mahlkonig burr. With this, basically the professionalism for the small store is enough.

This company has other Bg/Ap and other models. Because it is too expensive, so it is not recommended.

But if you want to really open a cafe, the following recommended for you is the real store grade electrical commercial coffee grinder.

Coffee grinder like this is basically the lowest configuration for a coffee shop.

The coffee grinder shown above is a manual version of Mazzer's grinder. This is an Italian brand and is currently a very good one in the common commercial grinder brand.

Every time after grinding the coffee powder, you need to use the hand board to drop the coffee powder from the powder storage bin into the coffeepowder bowl, but this will cause a large amount of residual powder to appear.

If the funds allow, then you can try to buy an electronic version.

A lot says electronic control coffee grinder is controlled by the weight of coffee powder, but it is actually control coffee grinding according to time.

Some models also have functions such as removing static electricity to prevent agglomeration. The most important thing is that after the powder storage bin is removed, the problem of waste of coffee powder is greatly reduced. This can save a lot of cost, so it is recommended to buy electronic control as much as possible.

If you are pursuing the ultimate taste, then I suggest you choose the following

· Nuova Mythos One

Nuova Simonelli, the famous Italian coffee machine brand, acquired Eureka, a well-known Italian grinder brand, and built the mythos one coffee grinder (nuova version).

And Victoria Arduino Mythos One (Black Hawk Edition).

Nuova Simonelli was founded in 1936 and has been manufacturing and exporting coffee machines for many years. The Black Hawk coffee machine is now the designated model of the World Barista Competition (WBC).

Victoria Arduino Mythos One is known as the Black Hawk Grinder.

This coffee grinder adds an independent thermostat system. The entire grinding process is maintained at 35-45 degrees Celsius, ensuring consistent quality. Titanium alloy parallel burr, built-in static electricity elimination function, LED touch screen operation, powder filling area light and other functions are really convenient. · MAHLKÖNIG K30, Another giant in the grinder industry is the German grinding king MAHLKÖNIG Mehdi, the picture below is the Mehdi K30.

MAHLKÖNIG originated from the Stawert Mühlenbau manufacturing company, a traditional family company founded in 1924 in Hamburg, Germany, which produces industrial electric motors.

Since 1960, the company has been focusing on the production of coffee grinders, and now more than 90% of MAHLKÖNIG's product line is specialized in the production of coffee grinders.

Mehdi really matchs the title of the grinder king, 65mm steel alloy flat knife grinding disc, low-speed grinding almost no static electricity. Ultra-low fine powder rate, only 5 cm of powder passage

The current WBC competition designationed coffee grinder.

The good partner of the K30 is the following:


98mm steel alloy flat burr. Ek43 was originally used to grind single-origin pour coffee until Australian Matt Perger won the 2012 World Brewers Cup and the 2013 World Barista Championship with this grinder.

From then on, we found that the single original-pour coffee mill can still play like this. the door of the new world is opened, and Ek43 is also popular in coffee shops all over the world.

Now you go to a professional coffee shop, and there will be Ek43 on the bar.

These three coffee machines are the best products that can be bought among the current grinder. If you do not include the k30 twins and the ekk43 double-cylinder models.

The importance of grinding the coffee is more than the extraction.

The flavor of a cup of coffee is greatly the impacted in the earlier process.

Grinding has a greater effect on coffee than extraction.

Baking has a greater impact on coffee than grinding.

Planting is the most important.

Starbucks has a saying called "the last ten meters".

The birth of a cup of coffee may have gone through thousands of kilometers from the place of origin to the mouth.

And we can reach the last ten meters.

In the last ten meters we can influence,

It is the two steps of grinding and extraction.

And only when you grind it well,

The extraction of coffee can have a better.

Choose a excellent grinder as good as possible. Buddy

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